Signature Brow Fix

Signature brow fix was created by our founder Val Laskarides

About the procedure

It is a procedure which enhances your eyebrows without using services like permanent makeup and microblading etc.

During this service we work with your eyebrow hair and not your skin like in permanent makeup.Results are temporary and can last up to 4 weeks.


  • You have light hair and you just want to darken them to intensify your eyebrows.
  • You already have full eyebrows but you just want to add shape and definition.
  • You have gray eyebrow hair.
  • You are considering permanent makeup but you are not ready for it yet.


  • Do not exfoliate your face 24 hours before the “BROW FIX” appointment.
  • Do not do any chemical peels 1 week before the “BROW FIX” appointment


*the procedure will take 1 hour.

*if client requests we can also tint your lashes at the same time (add $30)

*if client requests we can also wax the upper lip area at the same time (add $20)

Book an Appointment

During the brow fix procedure we:

  • Have consultation with a client. We discuss all the preferences, eyebrow shape and color.
  • We do eyebrow mapping with an eyebrow pencil for client to see how their eyebrows will look after tweezing and tinting.
  • Only after client approves the shape we start tweezing and getting rid off all the unwanted hair.
  • Then we apply our high quality professional eyebrow tint.
  • At the same time we can do waxing around eyebrow area, to make result last longer.