Eyelash Extensions

Thick, dark lashes that beautifully curve upwards.

Natural Classic or Volume Set? What’s your pick?

At Honey Scent we like when the service we perform looks natural, and doesn’t change your face but enhances your beauty.

Because of our philosophy of enhancing natural beauty, you won’t find many different types of eyelash extensions sets. In our services, we have included only “Natural Classic Set” and “Natural Volume Set”.

When it comes to “Natural Classic Set” a single faux premium lash is applied to each natural lash in order to achieve a natural look. If you Chose to go with “Natural Volume Set” the same technique will be applied but with 100% coverage.

You will never feel any discomfort in your eyes because of the way we apply our lashes without using a big amount of lash glue.


Natural Classic Set

Natural Classic Refill (1 weeks) $60
Natural Classic Refill (2 weeks) $80
Natural Classic Refill (3 weeks) $130

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Natural Volume Set

Natural Volume Refill (1 week) $85
Natural Volume Refill (2 weeks) $120
Natural Volume Refill (3 weeks) $190

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