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Brow Lamination

The brow lamination, also known as a brow lift, is our most popular treatment. Brow lamination creates fuller and more in-shape brows. During this treatment we lift your hairs upwards, using different serums. This treatment is perfect for messy brows or hairs that grow downwards, to get your brows more in shape.

You will still be able to brush through your brows after this treatment. Just brush them into the preferred position every morning & that’s it! Results stay for generally 6-8 weeks.

During the treatment we use different serums to set your brows into shape. Normally the brow hairs are growing down a bit, but after the treatment your hairs will go upwards and sidewards more, which gives you that lifted-eye look (or fake “Face Lift”). We always personalize your brow lamination, to your personal needs. If you wish to get your brows tinted or waxed, everything is possible. We like to keep your brows as natural as possible and as full as possible. The treatment should not harm your brows if it’s done well by an experienced professional.

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Signature Brow Fix

It is a procedure which enhances your eyebrows without using services like permanent makeup and microblading etc.

During this service we work with your eyebrow hair and not your skin like in permanent makeup.

During the procedure we will:

  • Have consultation with a client. We discuss all the preferences, eyebrow shape and color.
  • We do eyebrow mapping with an eyebrow pencil for client to see how their eyebrows will look after tweezing and tinting.
  • Only after client approves the shape we start tweezing and getting rid off all the unwanted hair.
  • Then we apply our high quality professional eyebrow tint.
  • At the same time we can do waxing around eyebrow area, to make result last longer.
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Lash Lift

Discover the secret to stunning, wide-awake eyes without the need for extensions or heavy mascara. This revolutionary cosmetic treatment is designed to enhance your natural lashes, providing a long-lasting, eye-catching curl and definition that can transform your entire look.

Safe and Non-Invasive: The LashLift treatment uses specially formulated solutions that are gentle on your lashes and eyes. It’s a non-invasive alternative to more traditional beauty procedures.

Luminous Eyes: Achieve an awakened, youthful look as your lifted lashes frame your eyes beautifully, enhancing your overall facial features.

Suitable for All: LashLift is suitable for clients of all ages and lash types, whether you have short, straight, or unruly lashes. It can also be combined with lash tinting for a more dramatic effect.

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